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My Kick Ass Journal
yeah so this weekend was pretty good, depressing at one point but good lets recap friday night jordan invited the justice league and some peeps over to chillax so i went regardless of how shitty i felt i actually had fun me and robin played the most intense game of darts then some intense ping-pong then someone walked in who ...... nvm, it was about that time i shut down and someone said something about alchohal so i immediatly jumped at the chance to forget this person and drink everything away so i did made a beer run and got some stuff and went to matts althought it was only me mark matt joey from the league we had tom buddy courtney britney and jordan to aid us so i had fun.....
then last night she threw a little gathering at her house so once again reluctanct i decided to go, but i went to matts first so at about 4 me, matt, joey and robin commenced the drinking and i was happy for those few hours, britney and kaelynd showed up we went to zehrs with kie and me and kie had a good convo which involved alot of popsicles being thrown at the wall, then we picked up lucie and went back to matts were we found Robin, Joey, Matt, Mark, AND Mikey so we all went to jordans and this was abotu 8 so i had been tanked for about 4 hours already and i still had 2 40's of old english left to go anyway got there talked screamed sang then i got a little too drunk and someone asked me to tell them a secret so i told them, it just happened to be who i liked and when i said that everyone autimatically said they had assumed that so i felt embarrased then me and jordan had a talk about it and i was told this person is confused and such but whatev i decided i shouldnt be selfish so i started drinking again cuz all i could think about was this person and i thought and drank and then i had to accopmany joey and mark home while mikey drove (not under the influence i might add) and to my suprise i return to see everyone huddling around kie cuz apparently he got into a fight, so i went outside with k.cruise. tom, j.skill and mikey i wanted to fuckin kill this prick its not even funny how mad i was and how mad EVERYONE was, anyway jordan told me to calm down so i did went in the house got some water and when i came back out he called me a pussy or something and in that moment every fuckin thing that had pissed me off that night and every inch of depression rolled out into a ball of anger i snapped and i called him on, as i walked towards the kid i was pullled back by two girls, and i kept yelling i fuckin snapped and i was going crazy until i though about it and stopped i walked back into the house embarrassed and scared, to be honest i usually dont do that but the fact i was in a fuckin horrid mood and he hit practically my fuckin brother and disrespected me just killed me inside i honestly didnt mean to snap but i did and now i dont know what to think of myself may not sound like a big deal but im seeing it as one.......so yeah

and on a final note, im fucking sick of everything so this next week would be the best time to leave me alone
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so yeah this is the weekend i have been waiting for all month, and it started today with the dance tomorrorw my party and sunday fearfest monday dunno and tuesday halloween and wednesday FREE RUNNING
anyway tonight was supposed to kick off the fun so the night started off cool the dance was alright then after about an hour i realized i just shouldnt dance and felt ashamed and that and a mixture of something else just made me feel really crappy so i just felt like driving my car into a fuckin brick wall i wont even lie to you, but i didnt (too bad eh) and now i realized if im gonna feel like this the whole weekend when something doesnt work out good or turn my way i should just give up
anyway im no longer psyched for this weekend but i will not cancell because my friends will kill me so i hope they realize how much i love them byt keeping this going :O, anyway im gonna go off somewhere with my gay ass depression and sleep g'night

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alright so last night i went out and saw the presitge now i must say at first i was skeptical about a movie that was based on rival magicians, becuase it just didnt seem like something that would wow me, but i dragged myself to see it on the fact that it had an amazing cast

Scarlett Johansson, Christian Bale, Hugh Jackman, Michael Caine, Andy Serkis, And David Bowie and The Fact it was Directed BY Chris Nolan and Written By Chris AND Jonathan Nolan so the movie could not have been bad even if it wanted to!

The movie is about these Two rival magicians Robert(jackman) and Alfred(Bale)the two start off as helpers for a trick master named Cutter(caine) when helping perform a trick Alfred goes against the wishes of robert(jackman) and Cutter(caine) and a tragic accident happens that pits the two against each other the only problem is Alfred(bale) is an expert in understanding the fundamentals of any trick, but lacks showmanship and Robert(jackman) is a master showman who is more entertaining than technical so the movie goes on and finds Alfred(bale) performing a trick that borderlines on actual wizadry and Magic so Robert(jackman) trys to steal the trick and dress it up to please the crowd a little more that Alfred(bale) can. The rest of the movie is very hard to explain without giving anything away especially is Fantastic ending lets just say the series of events that ensue pits the two performers against each other in a battle of wits that spirals further and further out of control, consuming both of them and everything and everyone they care about.

This movie was one of those movies that you had to gather together a cast of very talented actors, people who live for acting and now how to properly express emotion so this was not a big hollywood tom cruise, matt damon movie this was one you would have to assemble a "dream cast" of people and in my opinion you could not have hired better actors suited for the role.

Bale and Jackman delivered the role of Alfred and Robert with awsome talent, and the adition of Cain a veteran actor who can be put in any movie and still manage to be a very significant and awsome part also Johansson a newer actress to the scene she can already surpassed some of the greatest actors in her few years, overall and amzing movie absoloutley nothing bad to say about it if i were you i would give it a shot DEFNITLEY worth your admission.

anyway i hate life, that is all:(

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so i know i must sound so annoying when i rant on about retarded things but this is one i just had to get off my chest, its about emotion ..feelings ever had strong feelings for someone and not know if they had the same for you OR even any for you its hard, very tough because as much as you MAY know about them you can and will never know whats on the inside they could secretly hate you or be entirley disgusted and revolted by you well sometimes you just got to take a chance and hope that it was worth the sacrifice of making yourself look like a fool, or even making things awkward between the two of you making it very awkward to hang out with a group and possibly screwing you over in the outcome

anyway yeah as much as i want to say im a risk-taker and a daredevil ...well i am not that is why everytime i get these feelings or annoying infatuations i stay quiet, as to not look like a copmlete idiot when i come forward and get rejected sure people say its no biggie "plenty O' fish in the sea" i think is the popular one, so i just dont take that chance and hope one day someone will find me without me having to take too much of a risk, and yes i know that rarely ever happens so my hopes arent very high for me i believe i have a very good chance of living a life of solitude, which would kill me inside but i wouldnt show it, i have lived completley alone my whole life i can bare the rest of it the same way.

well my plan of attack, im NOT going to tell this person how i feel many reasons as to why, the top being i wanna stray away from reject and pain, and because feelings to me are a sign of weakness and thats not how i want people to percieve me so i will go on talking to this person via msn and maybe in person and hanging out in the group with them and not say a word some may say its not fair some may call me scared but really all i have in this world is me, so i have to keep myself as far away from pain and embarrasement as much as possible!!

see right now i feel dumb because one i have just met this person so its kind of dumb to get all sappy over it, because i do not know everything about them, just enough to know i can talk to them and believe they listen and understand and two i already have a very good idea that the feelings are not returned, and i dont blame em i mean what do i have to offer them! ... well for the record i am not looking for Pity please to not Mistake me getting something off my chest for a young mans cry for help and happiness, that is the last thing i need.

ugh whatever i am alone and will be for awhile, i will have to deal with it cuz i dont want anyone to close to me because i know i will just end up hurting and there are just some people i couldnt bare to do that to......

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ya so i just downloaded and listened to the new Chris Cornell Live set from Sweden, the Unplugged in sweden set is probably the best thing Cornell has done since his solo cd, i mean this may sound gay but he probably has the best voice in rock i mean this guy did Billie Jean slow version and it sounded amazing so all in all he is definitley my Idol when it comes to music especially since hearing the new killer bond theme "You Know My Name" like cornell honestly has a talent with words and voice and deserves credit from every angle im getting a little worried however because lateley he has been pushing the release of Revelations the new and probably best Audioslave cd and he has been working on Casino Royale aswell as overshadowing both with word of his new acoustic solo cd which will be releasing soon ... tom morello says everything is alright but im worried he will leave Audioslave and i will be left crying:(

ANYWAY go to this link to hear the new cd http://www.triadpictures.com/audioslave/

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alright so our school had this big thursday night lights thing so me and the League decided to check it out so we get there we screamed alot, will tried to steal my lightsaber then we all got our faces painted some of us by Mikey/Aquaman The artist lol, anyway so the juniors played then the seniors came out so we screamed sommore then 2 smart ass gangstas decided it best to jump Steve so walton joined in to settle things down and things got heated, well the man of Steel actually joemac jumped in took a couple of shots to the face without flinching and leveled some fat ass guy, all i can say is joemac you made the night way to beat the shit outta that motherfucker
and sorry to steve and joemac if i woulda seen earlier i woulda helped :( my bad guys
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okay so this mornin i woke up, threw on the flash shirt drove my ass to school and then went through boring english while watchin AI, then math i finished up an assignmnet and then the plan was to go to half of second then skip the other half so i could get on lunch C and UNITE THE LEAGUE OF JUSTICE, but instead me and joey skipped second all-together so first we went to joeys then Pizza Pizza then came back and found Jensen and Pete and played some soccer with em, then went to Lunch C and United The Justice League and then went to Info Tech and came home.

i gotta be honest i thought it was gonna be a boring night, until steffs bonfire but me and league met up again drove around listening to music went into canadian tire, and eventually got kicked out (thanks kie and mikey lol) so then we went to Buck-or-two and me mikey and mark bought Pirate Swords with eyepatches which eventually broke in about 10 minutes then we drove joey home to get ready for his hockey game, and then the Leaderless league drove around, went to joeys came cheered him on and did some stupid things.

then we made our way to steffs house, which is tank for the record so we showed uup early and didnt feel like being fashionably early so we drove around, stole a baby chair from some guy 12 houses up from steff and then we went to the bonfire details details dont feel like givin em, lets just say Kaelynd Makes Fuckin DELICIOUS CUPCAKES, walton scared the shit outta me, then we burned marks shoes and me and mikey kept putting one on and burning our feet and when mikey was jumping on the table part of the chair walton lifted it almost setting mikey on fire ahahahahah funniest shit ever, so then we burnt the whole chair and then me, matt, mark, joey, kie and kaelynd raced walton and mikey from the 9th line to the wendys near the highway and walton used his welsh trickery on me, and it worked so needless to say i had the best night ever and i think its a new tradition now that ever friday (til winter) we should have a bonfire at steffs, cheers to all yall and pce out homies who will be named
and everyone else i forgot today PEACE

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they made an aquaman tv show spinoff, i just downloaded the pilot SADLY HOWEVER The CW network did not sign it this season so we will not be seeing Aurthur Curry on our tele anytime soon, im a little pissed tho they didnt sign the same guy that was in smallville as AC the cop in the pilot is the same actor as a villian in smallville :( anyway im off
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wow so i was a little bit dis-heartened when i heard the party for tonight was cancelled but we made the most of it, me kie matt joemac and mark drove around for a bit got bored went to marks house and listened to some music went outside played a pretty BRUTAL game of basketball then went in again listened to sommore music then walton wanted to hang out so we picked him up at macs, then proceeded to go to walmart ... no this is where the fun began we went into electronics and played THE PENIS GAME my god joey yells penis to no extent we walked aroun walmart for awhile playing it then Walton and kie found lightsabers so they had a big dramatic war walton almost SMOKED a small friggin vietemese kid while his dad was right there, then we left went to wendys where we heard the sic thoughts of kies mind...(Miracle Grow, KKK...ugh) then we saw a pedophile with a little boy, so we got bored and left went through the drive-thru and yelled penis at the women, drove around and yelled penis at sommore people anyway we pulled up to some neighbourhood and saw one of those rentable storks you put on your lawn when you are going to have a baby anyway of course walton had to call joey on it that he wouldnt knock it over, sure enough he ran and killed it all we hear is HEY WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING and we cheesed it right off i think the bitch got my licence plate # tho, anyway we drove around somore and mooned some people and then we had to go home

story of the night tho is that.....fuck storks anyway im bored im off to do something

quote of the night

-Kie Gouviea

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alright folks so the justice league was officialy made at bluenotes today

Superman -- Joey
Batman -- Mark
Aquaman -- Mikey
The Flash -- ME (Brandon)
Green Lantern -- Matt


Wonder Woman -- Kie

yeah no jokes kie bought a sick wonderwomen T and we all bought our characters, now when i get a job im gonn get the Flash Symbol on a red shirt cuz they didnt have my size today and then im gonna get the rest of the league

and in other news my day was good, i had fun pc out

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alright so i will admit it, smallville ... well actually Kristin Kreuk and Tom Welling and a whole helluva lot of Erica Durance have rekindled my love with superman so i am on a superman frenzy i have watched all five seasons and waiting till the 28th for the 6th season which i KNOW for a fact will kick a little ass, for One they are bringing in Oliver Queen A.K.A Green Arrow who was always one of the repetative members of the Justice league, why am i excited about him coming in ....oh i dunno maybe cuz the fact they are slowly introducing EVERY other member of justice league already we have seen The Flash, Aquaman, Brainiac and Vitcor Stone aka Cyborg but also because he is set to be in seven episodes as part of a story arc meaning that they could possibly get around to bringin in Bruce Wayne, or Batman for all you morons but i mean how cool would that be the properly tagged "Worlds Finest" working together as kids in smallville i know i probably sound so gay right now but i dunno superheros are my life so i think it would be tank

but in other news a few people have made and broken my heart today i will list them in no specific order:

Lana Lang, you have broken my heart for the last time and i think i am done with you

Chloe Sullivan, you have entered my heart for being so tank

Lex Luthor, i know you have some things going on right now BUT NO, YOU DONT DO THAT

Lionel Luthor, you went from douchebag to coolbag i applaude

Jor-El, i have no clue what to think about you i never know if your buildin him up to destroy earth or save it from impending doom you get niether brake or make of my heart

and finally

Erica Durance/Lois Lane, i love you that is all oh wait no you kicked some peoples ass!!


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wow James Marsters (a.k.a Prof. Milton Fine, Brainiac, General Zod) is a douchebag that is all!
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alright so on halloween me and some other people should dress up as the Justice League

i know i am brilliant what can i say

anyway, Joey has Claimed the role of superman so whats left is...

martian manhunter*
Green Lantern*
Green Arrow*
Black Canary
Captain Marvel
And The Wonder Twins

the ones with the stars next to em are possibilitys for me, anyway lv one if your interested?

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yeah so today me and some friends were trying to install games on my laptop and to my suprise it actuallyt played some of them so we installed some Heros V game and my card couldnt run it ...
anyway we went out and a new video card is somewhere between 130 and 230 and then i am gettin an External Hard Drive possibly a 250gb and its only like $100 or so anyway i thought i would put something on this bruty site see ya
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soo im gonna tell you exactly what is gonna happen during the course of the movie THE COVENENT
now it looks awsome ont get me wrong but very predictable, i have not seen it tho so this is my prediction
the movie will start off with the 4 living members, one member will get involved wih a mortal and somehow she will trigger the ressurection of the 5th member who will come back taking out 3 of the covenent members weakest first and stealing their powers for himself, and the remaining member (the one who got involved with a mortal girl) will have to fight for his life and to avenge his fallen brothers, now im still trying to decipher whether or not the girl will die, my guess is NO because this looks like a hollywoodish movie

so yeah hope im WRONG
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yeah so i just got back from a real Shindig, actually it was a quant(?) get together consisting of me mikey matt mark tom steff ely kevin buddy and some other fashionable people so kudos to them

ANYWAY im still on the edge of my seat till i can buy season 5 (and 2) of smallville on tuesday so until then i am crying


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alright so i have a few topics to cover before i go to bed:

first off, i recently found a bio site so i checked out Chris Cornell who for the record is my fav. vocalist in the world, anyway i found out that he did a christmas album with a whole bunch of people so i downloaded the song Ave Maria from it, and i originally like the song by Hayley Westenra (she didnt do the original but did a beautiful cover) so i listened and its actually really good for a male vocalist doing it so i would like to congradulate mister Cornell for achieving that, he is one of the very few talented singers around right now who can rock out, or play some blues, or even do mellow music while still being a baddass

next school is going shit, i mean really shit i have brutal classes and an even worse lunch so looks like i will prolly get good grades this semester, wont be distracted by any women especially ones i really wanted to see more of, but meh whaddya gonna do

and lastly Smallville last week achieved a state of grace and rekindled my love for Clark Kent/Superman and is no the only show that can make me feel angry and sad as of right now i am so mad at the show and still eager to see what happens next, so i thank the writers of smalllville for taking such a different approach at superman so cangrats boys

anyway im off to my Fortress of Solitude see ya

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well the world was shocked today to hear we lost one of our favourite tv men Steve Irwin to a fatal stingray attack, now this man did alot saved alot of animals from people who didnt understand them and didnt take the time to and he was also a loving husband and father so i am deeply sorry and it really did come as a great shock to all of us ... and when i heard all i kept thinking is "why" i mean this guy had two kids and a wife, i know its great that he wanted to save and study more animals but cmon man you gotta sort your shit out you had two kids why put your life in potential danger, and yeah i know your gonna say retarded bullshit like "oh the stingray has only killed 2 people before" yeah but thats more than zero meaning it could happen again, no matter how tame you think an animal is when its used to the harsh surroundings like the outside world it can be dangerous, all im sayin is sometimes in life you have to set your priorities straight, ya really gotta sit down and think to the future and i know im gonna take alot of flak for this but me and you both know its true

so R.I.P Steve and my condolences to his Family
great man, great saviour of animals you will be missed

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so i must thank, and apologize Matt for a tank party and for like raping his house ...
well more people than i had expected showed up and we got completely fuckin crunk, it was soo fun by far one of the better partys of the summer and helluva lot better than doin nothing so yeah
Tank Party
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yeah so this is an announcement to anyone who reads, party at matt kings house tonight be there or your fuckin lame as shite, dunno the directions, be there round 9-ish ... yeaya gonna be crunk of lifetime tonight probably the last party before school so imma enjoy that shit

BE THERE TONIGHT, OR ELSE ... or else what, exactly
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